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KC Hildreth is a consultant and coach who can help you, your team or your company achieve goals and perform at a very high level. A deeply empathic and intuitive person, KC sees the hidden potential in people, uses listening and positive reinforcement to draw out that potential, and then helps them celebrate their achievements. KC’s “edge” is that he never pre-packages his work, everything is personalized to the individual or team. Learn more about KC at www.kchildreth.com where you can sign up for his ‘DAILY THOUGHTS’ MOTIVATIONAL EMAILS.
7 02, 2014

Resisting Success

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Every one of us, including you, has an almost infinite potential to create, to be successful, and to advance our lives. We each have within us a seed of greatness that is pushing to be realized. When we resist this pressure if feels painful. As we try to hold back our own potential we feel [...]