Adding Another Email Address You Own to G Suite

In the past, I had half a dozen email addresses for personal correspondence, work email, spam, and more. After years of trying to keep them all separate I found work would cross over to personal, personal to spam, and it became a hassle to keep it all straight. Friends and family constantly asked which email should they use for me.

When I switched to G Suite I found two awesome features in GMail under Settings->Accounts called Send mail as and Check mail from other accounts. After using GMail long enough I realized I could control the spam and other errata with a single account. I decided to combine my and accounts into account.


Step 1: Check mail from other accounts.

Check mail from other accounts does just that. Provide you IMAP settings and GMail will synchronize your accounts so that you never have to check the old account again.

Step 2: Send mail as

This setting allows you impersonate another email address. At first I did not want to confuse anyone sending to by replying with my Send mail as allows me to reply, from my account, as No one is the wiser and I now have two less email accounts to monitor. There is one setting to uncheck at first. In order to impersonate the other email account I must uncheck the Treat as an alias option.

Google does a great explanation:

Example: Ben is Mary’s personal assistant. Ben often needs to send email on behalf of Mary, and he uses Send mail as to send emails for Mary from her account using his account. Because Ben and Mary email each other often, it’s confusing for Ben to see his emails to Mary appear as unread in his Inbox. Also, when Ben composes a reply to Mary’s email, the To: field shows his primary email address.

In this case, Ben should turn off the default Treat as an alias setting. With Treat as an alias turned off, Ben’s emails to Mary will appear in his Sent mail and not in his Inbox, and when he composes a reply to Mary’s email, the To: field will show Mary’s primary email address.

Closing down the old email accounts

Eventually I update all my mailing lists with the new email address and eventually I can close out the old accounts. Google automatically tags email from the legacy accounts so I always know when to update some straggler service.

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